[BI & Analytics] 3 signs that automation is a great idea for BI and Analytics solutions

Why automation might be a good idea to get faster Time-to-Data to gain valuable Business Insights

I wrote an article sharing some of the benefits of automation when it comes to getting faster access to your data as well as focus your time and resources on performing analytics instead of maintaining tech.

“I’m sure that currently in your business data is being collected from various sources. Scripts that have been manually written and maintained ensure that it is the right data. Maybe it has to be filtered and transformed but performance is… okay. At least, it’s okay for now. Perhaps this system has run unsupervised for years, as long as the source systems stay the same and no additional data is needed.”

The world changes and as the amount of data grows every business needs to look into the value that can be found in order to leverage the competitive edge in their data.

Things to consider:

   Time-to-data – It boils down to the time between getting an idea about a new way of using data and the time that idea hits the BI front-end or analytics tool of your choice. What’s your current time frame? Do you measure time-to-data in hours, days, weeks or even months? Is the backlog of ideas and requests growing ever longer in your organisation?

   Data just-in-time – How does gaining access to your data translate into the value of business insights this data facilitates? Would a faster and more flexible access have given you an answer that could have saved you both time and money?

   Discover data – Gaining insights from your data sometimes means that you have to dig around in it without knowing what valuable information you’ll find there. That is by far one of my favourite disciplines. Do you know which golden seams of pure business value resides deep within your own data?

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