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Is using data important to you?

Data Science is one way of focusing on a more data-driven approach to business. The ‘how’ is merely a matter of deploying technical solutions. It’s the ‘what’ and ‘why’ that I find far more fascinating.

As a tech evangelist and frequent speaker on the subject, I’m a true believer in unleashing the hidden value of data that you or your company already owns.

“There is no such thing as collecting data too heavily – only understanding too slowly.”

If you are as curious as I, you might ask if there’s a new way of putting even more data to good use and eager to learn more about it?

I’m interested in the use of Open/Public Data in private companies and the business opportunities that analysis can offer. Unlocking the potential analysis improvements in customer loyalty, forecasting trends, fulfilment and revenue maximisation, to name but a few areas.

I love to share ideas – do you want to know more?

With two decades in IT and economics, I’ve worked with business processes and analytics, software development, Business Intelligence, IT and databases. Since these areas are driven by fresh ideas that constantly challenge conventional thinking, I love to attend and speak at international conferences as a way of sharing knowledge and being inspired. If you are ever around somewhere and notice my name on the speaker list, make sure to reach out at the coffee machine or tweet me at @majsander to find me and let’s share ideas.

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I believe in the power of developing businesses through IT in such a way that IT will never be a limiting factor to growth. We are experiencing an era of global digital transformation. In such an age, there is no aspect of any business that can’t be improved by a greater understanding of data.

I am a highly analytical person who transforms knowledge into actions. I am an enthusiastic public speaker who informs and motivates others in this field.

No paths within analytics, visualisation and the language of math should be left unexplored.